The Company

Bucks Media Ltd is specialized in the digital market space. The key competence is based on a professional know how in the online and mobile industry for more than 10 years. We are developing marketing and advertising concepts that are allowing our partners and customers to buy and sell advertising space. Based in the UK, we are managing and controlling an international network of genius minds that are pushing our technology and services to the next level.


Stay focused, stay innovative! We're passionate because we know we're working with the top industry professionals to create products that exceed our customers expectations. Our team has a deep digital knowledge and years of experience working with a diverse range of clients.


We want to create digital products, which makes our lives a bit easier.

Our Services

Online Dating Solutions

We develop online dating solutions that can be marketed in different segments of the online world. From advertising solution over dating platforms, our product management team knows it all.

Traffic Management

Online advertising space has become more and more expensive. The optimization of each click is key to be able to run successful campaigns most efficiently. Our advertising experts help you to make every campaign profitable.

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